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Dog Grooming  
K9 Cut & Care are qualified at City & Guilds Diploma Level. K9 Cut & Care complete a basic Health Care check of your dog before every grooming. We provide a vast range, reliable, and caring service for you and your dog. Throughout grooming your dog we place a strong emphasis on animal welfare and groomer safety. We are educated in animal safety as standard, are very strict in their enforcement and adhere to the five freedoms. The dogs are not in contact with each other at any time, unless from the same home. This prevents cross contamination, or any unnecessary injury through fights. We also use the LIPS systems to prevent animals being injured on the grooming tables through falls or slips and to ensure that they are comfortable and feel secure. We provide ramp access to baths for older dogs and those with mobility considerations.

This is the correct grooming technique for wire coat breeds and silky coated gun dogs.
It involves stripping out unwanted hair by hand to give the dog’s coat both shape and style.
Sometimes the dog will not have the correct coat type for their breed, and hand stripping would not be appropriate. Every dog’s coat type is assessed accordingly before grooming.

Reasons for hand stripping:

  • It retains the coat texture
  • It retains the coat colour
  • It gives a natural finish to the coat
  • It gives shape and style to the dog
  • It makes it easier for the owner to keep the dog’s coat matting free

dog grooming dog grooming

Coat and skin examination
– We have all had training in recognising basic parasites and skin problems in dogs, both for the dog's health and the groomer's safety, as some diseases and parasites can be transferred from animals to humans – zoonotic diseases. On examination, if we find a coat or skin problem, the client will be advised to seek advice from their own vet.

Flea Treatments – Fleas can sometimes be hard to detect, if at any time during the grooming procedure we find that your dog has fleas, it will be given an insecticidal bath, as will any other dog in the salon on the same day. The grooming salon will be extensively treated to prevent contamination. On your return, we give you follow-advice on the treatment and control of fleas.

Having your dog groomed regularly gives your dog so many Health Benefits.

Regular Grooming

  • Massages your dog’s skin
  • Tones your dog’s muscle
  • Increases your dog’s blood flow to the skin and improves skin health
We use a range of shampoos that meets your dog’s individual skin and coat type:
  • Colour enhancing
  • Hypo allergic: For sensitive skins
  • Aromatherapy: A fresh calming effect on your dog
  • Odour Illuminating: Particularly effective for working dog breeds
  • Insecticidal: To deter unwanted “visitors”
  • Luxury Conditioner:  For wiry, brittle hair types
  • DE matting:  A matted dog can cause all kinds of health problems such as:
  • Movement restriction
  • Restricted blood flow
  • Reduced ability to keep cool
  • Reduced ability to go to the toilet
  • Unnoticed weight loss
  • Parasite Infestation

Unnoticed developing health problem such as, lumps, bumps and scrapes which may become seriously infected

Clipping can provide a pain-free method of removing matted hair to ensure that the dog does not suffer the unnecessary discomfort of having the matted areas combed out.



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